Call for Papers: Crossing Borders in Southeast Asian Archaeology

Die 13. Konferenz der European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists (EurASEAA) wird vom 27. September bis zum 1. Oktober 2010 in Berlin stattfinden. Veranstalter der Zusammenkunft von mehr als 200 internationalen Wissenschaftlern sind das Institut für Vorderasiatische Archäologie der Freien Universität Berlin, das Ethnologische Museum und das Deutsche Archäologische Institut (DAI).

Nachrichten durchblättern

Thema der Konferenz ist: „Crossing Borders in Southeast Asian Archaeology”. Die interdisziplinäre Konferenz vereint Beiträge zur Archäologie, Kunstgeschichte und Philologie Südostasiens von der Vor- und Frühgeschichte bis in historische Zeiten und möchte die breit gefächerte Forschungslandschaft zu Südostasien stärker interkulturell verklammern.

Interessenten können Vorschläge für eigene Vorträge auch online an die Veranstalter einreichen:

Papers are now invited for all topics on Southeast Asian archaeology, in particular to the main conference theme “Crossing Borders in Southeast Asian Archaeology”. This subject has been chosen to reflect the conference’s interdisciplinary approach but more to encourage participants to broaden their thematic context.

Southeast Asia exhibits incredible diversity. Different geographic and climatic environments bounded by mountains and upland valleys, river systems and deltas, coast lines and islands have led to the development of myriad cultural, political, and ethnic groups. However, contacts between all these different life zones were always possible and highly effective. Their study provides a fascinating glimpse of the dynamics of communication from prehistory to pre-colonial times. Participants of the EurASEAA13 conference are encouraged to reflect on the transfer of knowledge, language, material culture, or whatever else they find as evidence for trans- and interregional interaction in their current research. Papers on South Asia and Southern China which are important for long-distance exchanges will be considered if they are closely related to Southeast Asian themes.

Colleagues who wish to participate in the conference can register online. Presentations are limited to 20 minutes. We encourage the presentation of posters.